Masterplan Sykkylven is a competition design and a proposal for urban development of the narrower city center of Sykkylven municipality (of approx. 7600 inhabitants). Project was developed by Fantastic Norway / Håkon & Haffner in collaboration with Eriksen Skajaa AS og Bjørbekk og Lindheim AS. The subject of the design is the town’s administrative centre which is included into the village Aure, largest urban area in municipality. Sykkylven is a locality with little urban structure and density. Most people live along the coast of Sykkylvsfjorden, and the main streets follow the waterside. The town is a part of Sunnmøre region, and it is surrounded by powerful mountain range of Sunnmørsalpene. It is a fantastic natural landscape, as shown in municipality’s coat-of-arms, which becomes a part of everyday’s living experience.

The plot covers the area of approximately 160 x 300m (48 hectares) and it extends from the previously built structure, over the main road and the disused freight terminal, to the border of the coastline. The overall aim of the project was to create a model approach for establishing city centre with raising density-related issues and problems of sustainable city planning. Master plan represents idea of increasing density of urban structure with geometrical approach to its size, proportions and scale, in relation to the specific openness of the environment. This includes creating new typologies and profiles of urban blocks by precisely defining types of buildings and their structural relations.

The project of the master plan is inspired by two propositions. The first is including all vacant land on the site, extending the centre down to the fjord with a new waterfront, in order to preserve the valuable surrounding green areas all around the city centre and keep them free from further construction. The second is underlining the landscape qualities that characterize Sykkylven by creating a dense and precisely defined urban structure as a contrast to the surrounding open landscape and the high mountains towards the Sykkylvsfjord. The plan emphasizes public space and an active city centre by shaping the existing square with new narrow urban blocks, and by extending its viewpoints towards the frontline with creating new longitudinal axis.