The Lishui Science Park has a very flexible distribution of spaces. It can be a pure real estate development project, an innovation park connected to the vision of the client, or even both. This shows the strength and flexibility of the concept. This park may have one sole user on the whole area, many users with common visions or many users who are independent from each other but can share infrastructure. The users can also be combinations of the above.

The concept "Future-built" builds on the idea of many users with common visions and a strong overall identity that is evident in how Lishui Science Park appears outwardly and functions inward.A new building of Lishui Science Park will be built on a vision. Our understanding of the vision has been that the park should be a great workplace in future with an emphasis on research, innovation and environmentally friendly solutions. The buildings and the environment they create should provide inspiration for excellence and powerful innovation for all the people working there and all those who visit the park.

This concept arranges space in a way that ensures maximal human interaction. The plan has clear roads and overall infrastructural distribution. The concept also arranges the secondary circulation needs and logistics of delivery of goods, traffic and parking to be included in a functional pattern that is integrated with the overall plan. This leaves the maximum of green space for recreation and also allows the buildings to be low and more humane in their scale.


"Future-built" is our contribution to Lishui Science Park with its efforts to develop a concept that could allow for the realization of the visions for Lishui Science Park and to find a partner who can help to implement the visions.

Our task as architects is to act as investigator and adviser for the builder as the decision maker. The solutions are resulting from the choice of a dialogue between builder, architect and other consultants. and this is the dialogue we want to develop. Such a dialogue has not been established in this phase of the project. It is therefore important for us to demonstrate the capabilities of more than ultimate solutions. "Future-built"is therefore developed as a concept of possibilities. It is an open concept where solutions for the individual parts, areas, units and details can take many paths, free from each other, surprising and different. With ""Future-built"" we will facilitate a process. The ""Future-built"" concept develops the project towards an optimal solution based on a combination of the client and users' requirements with the site, as well as the outer conditions in the surroundings.