A unique design cabin has been shaped in such manner that allows it to follow the landscape on the plot. To break down the cabin in size and divide it into different zones the cottage is split in 3 parts, together they form a Y-shape. It has several large glass surface areas whose purpose is to mitigate the impression of size and reflection. 

The building has sedum roof to blend into the environment and to mitigate the remote action from overhead cabins and ski lift. Under the building there is a garage that is blasted into the ground, and only the entrance is visible. Vegetation around the lodge, hot tub and exterior terrain is made as an integral part of the landscape and is leveled with the surrounding landscape. 

Project Manager: Erlend Blakstad Haffner
Team: Ivana Barandovski, Branko Belacevic, Petar Stelkic, and Vladimir Cvejic