Object is designed as a part of joined project that took place in the Halele Carol factory in Bucharest (http://halelecarol.ro/en/event/design-post-industry-carol-factory/). The goal was to make interventions in the area and to explore the environment and possibilities of public engagement. The Halele Carol factory is an interesting industrial garden which lacked a social arena, so it has been decided to make a meeting place on the central square.

Tusenben is a worm, directly translated to English from Norwegian, and it means thousand legs. 
It has been agreed to make the structure movable and Erlend came to think about a soft worm moving through the factory. He was inspired by the production on site and the industrial architecture of the factory buildings, and has therefore decided to make a simple object inspired by the place.

The bench is formed of several arches with different radius and consists of 1000 wooden parts all unique and combined in ways which create a multifunctional meeting point and hang out for the visitors.

The structure was a part of the exhibition "Design postindustrie @ Halel Carol" along with four other art installations, and it remained a meeting place on the site throughout summer events of The Halele Carol factory.

Project was initiated by USF and Zeppelin partnership (2014) and produced in Bucharest with technical coordination by Zeppelin. The cooperative is supported by EEA and Norway Grants.

Project Manager: Erlend Blakstad Haffner
Team: Vladimir Cvejic